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Released by Apple, Swift is the most powerful, robust, and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, and beyond. It comprises rich features that help iOS developers build notch iOS applications efficiently and quickly. Our veteran team of Swift app developers has in-depth knowledge and skills in developing iOS applications using Swift. We help clients build powerful apps leveraging the rich features of Swift.

Swift was designed to give maximum power and speed to iOS app developers; our experts utilize features at best by blending it with their technical skills.  Being a top-rated Swift application development company in India, Our App Developers India team can help you overcome the challenges of launching your business app which is customer-centric and user-friendly as well as extremely function on a wide range of Apple devices on a wide range of Apple devices.

India App Developer can help you build a brand-new app with a full-featured powerful backend or help you migrate to iOS from your existing technology stack to Swift with our expert Swift developer team.

At India App Developer, we use Swift to build high-performance, highly-secure, feature-rich apps quickly.


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Our Swift Services

We are always ready to serve our clients with Swift application development services. Our Swift developers are proficient and creative to handle any custom Swift app development seamlessly. We follow a transparent app development method so that clients can fully understand what they will receive and demand changes easily.

Swift Application Development
Swift Application Development
Swift App Support and Maintenance
Swift App Support and Maintenance
Swift App Consulting
Swift App Consulting
Custome Swift App Development
Custome Swift App Development
Swfit App Testing
Swfit App Testing
Hire Swift App Developers
Hire Swift App Developers

Benefits of Swift App Development

Fast App Development: Swift makes the app development fast and effective. Our Swift developers are trained well to deliver the best Swift app in no time. Swift programming language is well known for its clear and powerful coding which allows developers to implement strategies clearly, correct, and quicker.

Modern Programming Language: Swift is a modern programming language for developers to build iOS apps swiftly. It contains many attractive features like generics, closures, types, interfaces, and so much more that can make any iOS exclusive.

A perfect blend of C and objective C: The language comes with a perfect blend of C and Objective C. With the best support from Swift- you can great stunning apps for your business to increase profit and catch the attention of users at large.

Adding Features of Current App is Easy: Swift simplifies the most complicated part of the developing process. With Swift, it becomes easy to upgrade the features of existing iOS applications. You can easily upgrade your existing app with more effective features.

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We help businesses reach heights by creating iOS apps with customized features with our premium Swift development services. Having an approach which is ahead of time,our clients in all the major industries always receive future-oriented Swift apps.

Why Choose India App Developer for Swift App Development?

India App Developer has a proven track record in producing powerful Swift applications. We work with approach-clients first. Our first priority for every Swift app is to understand the requirements of the individual and the business as a whole. This method helps us deliver more than perfect iOS to our clients.  We give you more than enough reason to choose India App Developer for your next iOS app:

  • We are backed with a colossal and exceptional team of technically proficient Swift application developers who are competent enough to build your business app using the latest technology that hooks your customers like nothing else.
  • From idea, development, developing, to testing- we work with utmost attention to ensure we deliver flawless applications to you. Our developing and testing team will check the code at every milestone.
  • Our Swift developers only build sleek and elegant applications but will take complete care of all the necessary guidelines stated by the iPhone app store and Swift language.
  • We dedicatedly learn about new iOS technologies and updates and keep track of every update to make sure your business applications are built with pristine technologies and integrated with all the latest functionalities.
  • Our apps are completely secure to ensure all your data remains confidential, and your app always remains free of intruders.
  • At India App Developer, you can get highly-customized and smart iOS applications that will make your business look smarter than ever before.
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We provide bespoke solutions to our clients without cutting their pockets. Our Swift portfolio helps them drive a higher return on investment (ROI). With a broad skill spectrum, we have delivered lucrative Swift projects to our valuable clients globally.


We are sure that as a businessman, you must have some queries regarding our development process and these queries are obvious. You must be very open related to your app expectations because an unattended confusion can create problems. So, we have jotted down a list of frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

1. What is Swift?
Swift is a powerful, general-purpose programming language developed by Apple for macOS, iOS, and beyond.
2. What is the difference between Swift and Objective C?
Objective C is based on the C language, which is hard to use. While Swift is concise and clear, which makes it easy to read and maintain. Swift allows you to develop interactively, but objective C does not allow you to develop interactively.
3. What are the benefits of Swift App Development?
Swift is a modern programming language- a perfect blend of C and Objective C. It makes the development faster and effective.
4. What is your mobile application development process?
Every Mobile app is built differently because every app has a different purpose and features. So the mobile app development processes also vary. But usually, we do follow a common flow of working which includes proper research according to your requirements and then our developers start building the design of the app. Once you confirm the design part, our backend and frontend developers start coding their respective sections and then they implement it. Next, we keep on testing the apps on various platforms for various bugs and errors and send it back to coding if found. We also send you the update of each progress of your project frequently. Once the final app is ready we will also help you launch on various platforms and market it globally.
5. How do you assure the confidentiality of my project?
We never do compromise with the privacy of our clients. We do sign NDA(Non-disclosure agreement) to maintain the confidentiality of your project throughout the development process.
6. What are your development models?
We offer flexible development models to suit client needs.
  • Fixed Cost Model: This model is suitable for startups, Small or medium sized projects that have a clear scope of document, where we work with clients on agreed scope of development, deliverables and agreed quote.  Recommended for Startup, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
  • Dedicated Team: This model is suitable for clients whose requirement frequently changes and have on-going development work.  You can hire a dedicated developers team, where clients can add/remove or update scope any time. Its recommended for Product Development, Enterprise Solutions or On-going Development
  • Hourly Development: In this model is suitable for Small or medium Project Development, where development hours and scope of work can not be estimated initially. Client will be paying only for invested development hours.
7. Do you sign a long-term contract? Can I hire dedicated developers?
Yes, we do sign long term contracts if you want to hire our dedicated and experienced developers for a long period.

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