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From complex enterprise demands to current business challenges, PHP (Either called Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page)  is an exceptional programming language in your business. PHP is considered as one of the best options for building interactive and innovative web and mobile solutions. With its ability to support multiple platforms, PHP has helped many businesses with excel solutions.

India App Developer is a company that is born out of innovation. We believe strong and cutting-edge PHP solutions for modern business challenges help businesses with lucrative results. Our app developers India team are masters in PHP, our master skills, help you to add that missing high-technology essence in your business.


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Our PHP services are not limited, we are here for everything. Whether you need custom PHP development, PHP based CMS, e-commerce development, corporate websites, portal development, mobile applications, or any individual business need- we can do it all.

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Benefits of PHP Development

PHP is considered to be a robust platform for building feature-rich web solutions and database access, catering to client’s business needs intuitively. PHP is a great option for robust, secure, reliable web applications, websites for many reasons. If you are looking for a full-fledged service application, PHP is an absolute. Here are some good reasons for adopting PHP.

Faster and cost-effective: PHP results in faster site loading speed. The code runs much faster because it runs its own memory space. This will not disappoint your users when it comes to waiting. We at India App Developer create web solutions that run smoothly and quickly so that your users get instant results. Also, it does not take plenty of investment even though it has remarkable functionalities.

Flexibility & Integrative: A great advantage of PHP is its versatility and flexibility. PHP code is compatible with all major platforms from Windows, Unix, and Linux to MacOS. It supports most of the servers which include Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, etc,. Also, more than 20 databases including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. This allows businesses to develop cross-functional applications with minimum expenditures.

Time-saving: Development in PHP saves a lot of time. It makes core reusability possible, which saves a lot of time in the development process. PHP offers a lot of frameworks that carry its own functionality and offer fast and secure development. Our developers are quick with PHP and promise timely delivery of your project.

Easy Manageable: It is easy to manage customized PHP web applications effortlessly. PHP makes it easy to increase the level of development with the help of popular frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, etc. Our developers have intense knowledge of all the major frameworks of PHP and can assist you in choosing the perfect for your business project.

Easily maintained & Updated: Due to decipherable syntax, PHP code can be easily updated and maintained. This means adding new features and functionalities meeting the emerging needs of the business is easily possible in a PHP-based project. There is absolutely no problem in maintaining and updating PHP projects.

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We render solutions that are rapid and responsive, coupling the power of mature PHP to build scalable, custom, and secure web and app solutions.

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We have achieved astonishing business solutions for our clients with booming technology. Our clients’ brands shine with the power of PHP.

Why Choose India App Developer for PHP Development?

Our state-of-art PHP solutions are inclined to surge your business ahead of competitors and add more value to the business. Our forever aim is to build websites and apps that run smoothly and are easy to use even by a naive user. Adoption of the latest framework and technologies empower us to deliver projects pertaining to current business demands. Check out some strength of our PHP development service.

  • We are proud of having sound command on PHP, HTML, jQuery, MySQl, and other languages, we can infuse the best-suited technology to every project so that they become easy to tackle and the business boom on the path of growth without any stress.
  • We understand that technology keeps on updating, and PHP never lacks in the updates. Our PHP developers cope up with these changes and make PHP solutions that are compatible with the current PHP updates.
  • Our developers seamlessly have prowess in both client-side and server-side development. They have the caliber to work flawlessly for any industry project, balancing the quality of client-side and server-side functionalities.
  • Framework knowledge and experience is our superior strength. Our PHP coders have a strong grip on various frameworks that include CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc. This fortresses us to deliver dynamic and custom PHP solutions and products.
  • We map detailed road-maps for each and every project to sync well with the requirements so that our clients receive what they exactly want for their business.
  • We look far. Our focus while developing any PHP project is not only limited to current business needs, but also target and the future business scope, challenges, and benefits.
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We are sure that as a businessman, you must have some queries regarding our development process and these queries are obvious. You must be very open related to your app expectations because an unattended confusion can create problems. So, we have jotted down a list of frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

1. What is PHP?
PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is one of a kind scripting language that is used to create static and dynamic websites effectively. It is widely used because of its user-friendliness and versatility. PHP can be embedded into an HTML code to produce desired outputs with the utmost ease.
2. What companies use PHP for their Website?
PHP is an open-source easy-to-use language. There are many big companies using PHP for their website. Facebook, MailChimp, Wikipedia are a few companies using PHP.
3. What are the benefits of PHP?
One of the most important characteristics of the PHP scripting language is its efficiency and speed. It is platform-independent, which means that it can be used in any operating system such as Windows, Linux, or Unix.
4. How much is a PHP Website Cost?
The cost of a PHP website may range differently depending upon an individual’s requirement and the kind of output business or individual wants to achieve. PHP is a simple and easy scripting language that can be used by beginners also. This makes it very cost-effective if one wishes to learn it themselves.
5. Why is PHP Popular?
Many attributes lead to the popularity of PHP. One of many is that it is versatile and dynamic. Its open-source nature makes it very budget-friendly. The fact that it can be used to generate a website for any business establishment makes it very popular.
6. What Development Methodology Do You Follow?
We follow an agile software development methodology with a customer-oriented approach to have a better idea of client’s business requirements and expectations.
7. How Do You Ensure the Quality Of Software?
India App Developer is a reliable software development company. We conduct testing on various platforms and resolve defects at the same time. We perform regression and Milestone based testing to ensure the quality of your product.
8. Do you sign a long term contract? Can I hire Dedicated Developers?
Yes, we do sign long term contracts if you want to hire our dedicated and experienced developers for a long period in just USD$15/hour.

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