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Why Business Needs to Hire React Native Developers?

React Native is a highly recommended framework as it helps save valuable time and money. Code reusability is the most powerful advantage of the framework. Developers can save a lot of time in developing native-like apps by leveraging a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps.

React Native has the ability to build genuine native apps that provide ultimate user-experience to your customers. Apps built using React run faster and on almost every device. It has the power to accelerate the development process by building apps across different platforms leveraging its code reusability. Regardless of the complex features that your business demands, the app will deliver notch performance.

Our dedicated developers India can help you bring your unique app to the market sooner than the traditional building iOS and Android app. If you desire to make your business app a big hit on Android and Apple Play Store than React Native is a go-to option for you. Hire dedicated React Native developers and get closer to your goal.

Hiring dedicated developers have proven to be beneficial in terms of bank account, app quality, delivery, and user experience.

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React Native App Development Services

We are proficient in designing top-notch React Native apps that run like a native app and are accommodated with native functionalities and features.

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated React Native App Developers

Hiring dedicated developers brings you and your business an array of advantages. Below are some advantages of hiring:

A committed team of React Native: As a client, you will have the best opportunity to hire experienced and top React Native developers are purely committed to only your project.

Professional React Naitve developers: One of the best advantages of hiring developers is that they can help you build an app with the latest technology innovation that helps your business stay up-to-date.

React Native Customization: Developers follow high-end customization and result-oriented approaches. No matter what business you are into, they have the caliber to develop a unique app for your business.

Increased Productivity: As you have the opportunity to select the best and passionate developer, they get more productive outcomes as compared to traditional development models.

Hire based on requirements: You can hire developers based on the requirements. You can hire them based on deliverables, budget, and timeline. In a nutshell, you will only pay for services you access.

Cost-effective: It is 100% cost-effective as no physical investment is required. Moreover, they might get developpement much cheaper compared to a native app.

Easy to handle: When you hire developers, developers provide comprehensive app development services. You do not have to make any efforts in managing teams and remoting the progress.

No need to install any software or hardware: No matter what your hiring needs are, whether you are hiring dedicated React Native developers or iOS developers, you do not have to buy or install those high-rated expenses connected with installing hardware or software. Because the hired team itself has all such software/hardware ready to serve you in the best manner.

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Why Hire Dedicated React Native Developers From Us?

The India App Developer houses a team of richly experienced and dedicated React Native app developers that are capable of building an app of your dreams. Our developers use the best-in-class tools and modern technology to take your business to new heights. Here are some stunning benefits we provide as hire the best hiring dedicated developer company.

  • A dedicated team of experienced developers: We are rich in having experienced React Native developers who have helped businesses reach new digital heights with their business apps. They are state-of-artists who love what they do, and that makes them deliver only the best.
  • React Native service tailor your need: Our React Native development team can build what your business demands. They are always ready to build highly-customized applications that fit your business fruitfully.
  • User-centric approach: Your business app will be ultimately used by your esteemed customers. Our developers will develop apps focusing on your end customers so that your brand receives what it deserves.
  • 100% confidential non-disclosure agreement (NDA): Integrity is in our core. For us, you and your business are important and hence, we love to sign NDA with you. This means, your ideas and data are totally safe with us and there will be no no discrepancy at a later stage.
  • Direct Access to a team: It’s a pretty bond that you can talk to our developers directly without any hindrance. Our developers have zeal within to understand what your requirements are and will make the communication smooth.
  • Maintenance Support: Our React Native developers are always here to help even after the development. You can always come to our developers for all your post development queries and they will always be happy to serve you.
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1. How can I protect my idea? Do you sign NDA?
We know the value of your idea, That’s why we ensure that your idea will always remain confidential. Before starting any kind of discussion, we sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client. We are committed to secure your data and nullify any unauthorized sharing of any confidential information.
2. Do you have an in-house app designer?
Yes, we have in house app designers who use the latest tools and technology and from the very first step of the development to the last bit of testing and marketing, we do it all with our experts.
3. Does your team communicate in English?
Yes, All team members communicate in the English language with clients but we also assign the project manager level person having a good hold in English to ensure no communication loss.
4. How can I communicate with your team?
We use software for better communication with the team. We sign you up there and connect you with the whole team of developers. Apart from it –you can stay in touch with the project manager through call, Email, and skype. Other than project managers, you can also stay in touch with other members of the team regarding any matter.
5. How can I track the progress of the Project?
We will notify you through different channels like calls and emails. During the app development process, we keep on sharing reports with clients, so that we can take their feedback and do proper changes accordingly. Your project manager will give you regular updates regarding your product development.
6. What is the process to hire a dedicated developer?
We offer a very flexible hiring process. After selection of developer(s), we will create the agreement and the team will start the work as per agreement date. You can hire a team or single developer for a minimum 3 months and you can extend the agreement as per your requirement.
7. What are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers?
  • Complete Control
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Daily Report Card
  • Developer work as your employee
  • Direct Access to Developer(s)
8. What is the payment structure of a dedicated model? How do we pay you?
You can release a payment through Bank Wire Transfer and Credit Cards and advance payment for each month.
9. If I hire a developer, does it mean the developer will work dedicatedly only on my project?
  • Yes, the developer or team will only work on your project.
  • You will have full control on day to day tasks as your employee.
  • You will receive a daily and weekly report.
10. What is the length of the contract?
You can hire dedicated developer(s) minimum for 3 months and you can extend as per your requirement.
11. How can I communicate with developers?
You can communicate with developers via Email, Skype, Gtalk and other preferred communication tool.
12. How many days do you work per week?
We work 5 days in a week (8 hours/day).
13. What is the hourly rate per developer?
We charge in between $15/hour to $20/hour.
14. Will I get full source-code after completion of development engagement?
Yes, we will handover the full source code after completion of the engagement.

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