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Microsoft has the power to accelerate your business in the new directions. The capabilities of .NET are beyond the count. Today, mobile is the most favorable and large platform to obtain the maximum quantity of business clients and users with minimum investment and the least effort. Every business today needs a mobile product and solutions to carry out business operations smoothly.

The .NET consists of a large set of libraries which are scalable and consistent for creating powerful web and mobile applications. .NET has languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, … platform, created by Microsoft, for building many different types of applications.

If you are looking forward to boosting the business by means of stunning applications, hiring .NET developers is a go-to way. The framework aids to develop business solutions that will help your business gain valuable information on a large scale.

India App Developer is proud to help your business with productive solutions by designing tailored products for various industry verticals. Hire the best .NET app developers from the pool of experts.

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Expertise Of Our .Net Full-Stack Developer

We are logical minds with love for technologies. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful app solutions using the most popular, rich in features and secure framework. India App Developer is a top-notch ASP.NET Development Company

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Benefits of Hiring .NET Developers

Complete Customized Development: By hiring dedicated developers, you can do complete customization solutions tailored to your business needs. You will have professional and high-quality development as they are dedicated .NET developers who will exclusively work for you.

Secure App and Web Solutions: The developers you will hire, will have in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals and different aspects of the  framework, including security. By applying different techniques they will build solutions with strong security.

Get Expert .NET Services and Solutions: A qualified developer will be well-versed with .NET programming languages and tools. They have the right skills to effectively leverage the tools and use them efficiently for your project. By hiring developers, you can be very sure about receiving expert services and solutions for your .NET project.

Quick services: When it comes to experienced developers, they can handle all the complexity of any project seamlessly. They are quick in writing clean code and managing uninvited troubles. The developers will write code with sharp eyes, so there is no going back and wasting time.

Hire based on requirements: You can hire developers based on the requirements. You can hire them based on deliverables, budget, and timeline. In a nutshell, you will only pay for services you access.

Cost-effective: It is 100% cost-effective as no physical investment is required. Moreover, they are not expensive as in-house expert developers.

Easy to handle: When you Hire Dedicated Developers India, developers provide comprehensive app development services. You do not have to make any efforts in managing teams and remoting the progress.

No need to install any software or hardware: No matter what your hiring needs are, whether you are hiring IOS developers or Android developers, you do not have to buy or install those high-rated expenses connected with installing hardware or software. Because the hired team itself has all such software/hardware ready to serve you in the best manner.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated .NET Developers

Our Business Models

Full-Time Hiring

  • Duration

    8/hours per day, 5 days/week

  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone, Zoom, MS Teams, WhatsApp

  • Billing


  • Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 Month

Part-Time Hiring

  • Duration

    4/hours per day, 5 days/week

  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone, Zoom, MS Teams, WhatsApp

  • Billing


  • Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone, Zoom, MS Teams, WhatsApp

  • Billing


  • Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 Week

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Our Clients

Our clients love our work. We are providing bug-free solutions built by our professionally and technically skilled ASP.NET developers team.

IndiaAppDeveloper : Best Choice To Hire Dedicated DotNET Developers

India App Developer understands the importance of quality in the business. Our .NET developers will not only focus on developing .NET solutions to boost ROI but also consider the flexibility and ease of use for your esteemed customers. Hire us for receiving more than .NET development services and give your business a successful turn.

  • High-quality development by .NET programmers: Get access to .NET developers developing top-notch solutions with in-depth analysis for a thorough development of features and functionalities for delivering beyond expected results.
  • Development Skills: Our strength is providing a flexible engagement model for all our clients. We are matured with C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET framework, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and the high-end tools and technologies.
  • Robust & Scalable: Our developers offer solutions that are scalable to generate real business and support the demands of real-world business.
  • 100% confidential non-disclosure agreement (NDA): Integrity is in our core. For us, you and your business are important and hence, we love to sign NDA with you. This means, your ideas and data are totally safe with us and there will be no   no discrepancy at a later stage.
  • Direct Access to a team: It’s a pretty bond that you can talk to our developers directly without any hindrance. Our developers have zeal to understand what your requirements are and will make the communication smooth.
  • Maintenance Support: Our React Native developers are always here to help even after the development. You can always come to our developers for all your post development queries and they will always be happy to serve you.
Best Choice To Hire Dedicated DotNET Developers

Our Key Projects

Our results matter to us. Have a look below at our end results achieved by our committed .NET developers.


We understand that you might have some questions in your mind related to our services, process and other related things. So, we have tried to answer every possible question so that you can have a better idea about our services.

1. Where is your office located?
We are headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. Ahmedabad is located in the territory of Gujrat and known as the technical hub of Gujarat.
2. Why should we hire the dedicated .NET developers from India App Developer?
We hire Dedicated Net developers who are passionate and have a deep understanding of the
  • Certified Developers
  • High team strength
  • Delivered over 100+ .NET projects
  • Self-learning KRA
  • Good Customer Ratings
3. What is the process to hire a dedicated .NET developer?
We offer a very flexible hiring process. After selection of developer(s), we will create the agreement and the team will start the work as per agreement date. You can hire a team or single developer for a minimum 3 months and you can extend the agreement as per your requirement.
4. Would you charge to schedule a Consultancy?
We provide Pre-development consultancy to our clients and we do not charge any fees for it.
5. How many hours would the developer work? Will they work full time on my project?
Usually, developers work for 8hrs each day for 5 days a week. Our developer works only a full-time basis and they will work on your project only.
6. What software development methodology do you follow?
We follow an agile software development methodology with a customer-oriented approach to have a better idea of client’s business requirements and expectations.
7. How do you ensure the quality of software development?
India App Developer is a reliable software development company. We conduct testing on various platforms and resolve defects at the same time. We perform regression and Milestone based testing to ensure the quality of your product.
8. What are the services your .NET developers provide?
  • ASP.Net Application development
  • ASP.Net Migration Services
  • Third-party Integration and Customization
  • Custom ASP.Net development
9. Do you visit on-site?
Yes, we do visit on-site or schedule in-person meetings.

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