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In one or the other way, Google manages to gain the attention of tech geeks across the world. Flutter is Google’s mobile app software development kit (SDK). Flutter is a Google toolkit is a complete environment with a framework, widgets, and tools to build beautiful applications for mobile, web, and desktop.

Despite the fact that Flutter is newly launched in the market, we have a dedicated team of Flutter app developers, who can craft the smartest solutions for you. Our Flutter team ensures you to bring to life the expectations you aspire for your goals.

We firmly believe that to leverage the lucrative benefits of newly launched technology, it is very much crucial to implement it correctly. Our App Developers India team at India App Developer can assure your cross-platform development projects are executed flawlessly.

Each one of us at India App Developer strictly adheres to developing protocols at every state. We are keen on learning and acknowledge every minuscule and update before initiating your Flutter application, to deliver notch results. With the enhanced architecture and mechanism, our Flutter app Developers master this powerful technology.


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Our Flutter App Development Services

A perfect blend of mechanism and well-crafted system architecture is what you can expect from our Flutter app development services. From understanding your brand to understanding its needs, we combine the features of Flutter with our technical skills and your goals and deliver the highest-quality Flutter solutions in no time.

Cross-platform App Development
Cross-platform App Development
Custom Mobile App Development
Custom Mobile App Development
Enterprise Mobile Application Development
Enterprise Mobile Application Development
Flutter Consultancy and Support
Flutter Consultancy and Support
Flutter App Maintenance
Flutter App Maintenance
Hire Flutter App Developers
Hire Flutter App Developers

Benefits Of Flutter App Development

Fast Development: The most popular feature of Flutter is Hot Reload. As the name suggests, Hot Reloads boosts the productivity of development. Flutter instantly shows the results of your code changes on the app screen without restarting the whole process.

Impressive UI: With Flutter, you can deliver a delightful experience to your target audience by creating a feature-rich, highly interactive app. The widgets of Flutter are rich and adaptable, with a focus on native end-user experience.

Dart Benefit: Flutter app development is based on Dart- a language that compiles “ahead of time”. This offers native performance for multiple platforms, smooth animations, and transitions that load very fast. These traits of the Dart are strong for implementing Flutter.

Cross-platform: Flutter creates apps that run cross-platform multiple platforms such as iOS and Android using Flutter. The cross-platform provides rapid development time to help you market your app even faster and reach even more users in the shortest time possible.

Flutter App Solutions We Offer

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Our Clients

We are Flutter experts. We are the best people when it comes to your Flutter business. India App Developer is continually building productive Flutter apps with rich and fluid user experience. We have a wide clientele base in Flutter App services.

Why Choose India App Developer for Flutter Development

We are tech-savvy people who love technology and every line of code we type. Thankfully, with the best Flutter app developers, we can deliver a tailored Flutter app. The developers at India App Developer are quick and adapt changes with all the processing happening in Flutter technology.

  • For us, every project is important. We give equal priority to each project and assign an expert team of Flutter to every client and project.
  • We are developing high performing Flutter apps while ensuring the highest level of quality, performance, and scalability- at the same time keeping an eye on your project’s goals and the budget.
  • India App Developer excels in the project strategy. We do not follow the same mechanism for every Flutter project- we analyze your ideas, understand your business, look for brighter opportunities, scale the success, and start our developing process.
  • Our dedicated developers ensure to develop custom cross-platforms in Flutter across various industry verticals, despite its type and size.
  • The possibilities with Flutter are endless, and we promise to implement every possibility in your Flutter app that delivers great business results.
  • Since ever Flutter Beta was launched, we have leveraged this technology and have delivered bespoke apps across Android and iOS play stores. With Flutter, we have topped as the top Flutter app development company in India.

Our Key Projects

Our Portfolio to manifest our Mastery in Flutter App Development

We are committed to serving you only the best with the most innovative technology solutions. We do not boast this; instead, you can check our Flutter work here. You can hire our experts for your Flutter app or give us an opportunity to make a difference.


We are sure that as a businessman, you must have some queries regarding our development process and these queries are obvious. You must be very open related to your app expectations because an unattended confusion can create problems. So, we have jotted down a list of frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

1. How can I protect my idea? Do you sign NDA?
We know the value of your idea, That’s why we ensure that your idea will always remain confidential.  Before starting any kind of discussion, we sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client. We are committed to secure your data and nullify any unauthorized sharing of any confidential information.
2. What development methodology do you follow?
We use an effective approach; i.e. Waterfall & Agile mobile app development methodology to execute the desired mobile app. These are the latest technologies used for rapid production without compromising with its quality. So, we ensure to use these adaptable and standard methodology for your dream product development. Our experts listen to your business requirements and start implementing it with a proper business plan. We ensure to map out the entire project in various planning and analysis stages.
3. What is Flutter app development?  What makes Flutter unique?
Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit for designing beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base.  Flutter is unique compared to other options for building mobile apps because Flutter neither uses WebView nor the OEM widgets that shipped with the device. Instead, Flutter uses its own high-performance rendering engine to craft widgets. 
4. Which language is used in Flutter?
Flutter uses the Dart programming language. Dart was introduced by Google in 2011.
5. What is the difference between Flutter Vs React Native App?
Flutter is an open-source mobile application framework that works on a completely different programming language compared to React Native. Flutter works on a language called Dart, whereas React Native lets you build apps using only JavaScript.
6. What are the benefits of Flutter App Development?
Flutter is an open-source framework with amazing widgets cataloged for building astonishing mobile applications.  It reduces development time and increases time-to-market speed. Single codebase makes it easier to operate in both iOS and Android.
7. What would be the payment policy?  & How can I make a payment?
We follow proper payment procedure for project completion. That way clients  pay – while beginning the project 30% upfront payment should be done then the remaining payment is divided into multiple milestones. Payment needs to release only after the approval of each milestone.
8. Do you provide maintenance support after the application launched?
We never leave you even after the launch of your app. Our app development team will completely assist you, depending upon the type of change you want in your application. Any kind of modification in your application will be chargeable(Charges may vary as per the type of change).
9. Who owns the source code and Ownership?
The client owns the source code and Ownership to the technology developed by India app developer, after getting the approval from our account team.
10. Do you do Application Promotion?
Yes, we do provide marketing services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing on different platforms like Google, Facebook ,instagram and twitter. Apps will be launched on respective play stores and also promoted by implementing effective strategies.

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