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You might be living in any part of this world, whatever country or state you live in, you are possibly prone to one or another kind of illness. Nobody is perfect, not when it comes to health issues. Somebody suffers from a common disease such as common cold, malaria, typhoid, and regular headaches while others have to face certain serious issues such as Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney failures etc. Our first approach is a family doctor when we come to know of any such issues. What would happen in the event the doctor is also unavailable. A quick remedy, though for a short time, could do some good. This remedy can be, as of now, provided by the various apps that we can carry around in our smartphones. However, we need to know which are those apps that would best suit our purpose in a time of emergency like the one just mentioned above. Even we are having app development companies in India which develop fitness/healthcare apps for their users such as the Mind Inventory that provides for fitness solutions to the health freaks. Another app development company in India is the Agicent App company that not only looks provides fitness solutions for its users but also has apps that can relate to women during their pregnancy. Their app can also store pics the user may have clicked during that time.

Definitely, we would like to have the best apps to assist us in case of such an emergency. The problem here is, which are the apps that classify as the best apps and on what basis. A health-related or fitness app can be classified into this category if it fulfills the following criteria:

Though these are not the only things to be considered while you chose a fitness app, they are quite often helpful. There can be other factors that influence your purchase of some apps such as a recommendation by one of your close friends.

Let’s not hurry on to deciding which apps are the best ones. For fitness app development, there are app developers who are considered to be the best.  This is another factor that matters a lot when it comes to buying or using a fitness app just like you would prefer a branded TV over others when it comes to buying a television set. Following is the list of developers who are known for developing fitness apps.

Besides these, there are players in this section that have been very dominant for a long time such as Noom, Nike, Fooducate etc. That said, let us now see which are the apps that a user can turn to in times of need.

The Apps

  1. Sworkit: The app is meant to be used by those who are really short on time. This app provides you with a very good schedule that can fit into even the smallest amount of time you have on your hands. You can choose to exercise as per the instructions of a trainer for a full hour or so, or you can even have a schedule that fits within your available ten minutes. Specify the type of schedule that varies from yoga to cardio exercises and specify the time you can sacrifice from your busy schedule.
  2. Aaptiv: Something every user of the app will love – no text to the readout. Just listen and watch. All the exercises that you need to perform are being passed onto you in a very practical manner. It’s not that you have a set of fixed exercises that keep on repeating. Every week the app updates with new exercises being added to it. Besides, you might even find the app motivating you to achieve some objective when you most want it. The app provides motivational audio and videos too along with the exercises.
  3. Nike+Run Club: The app besides tracking your runs also provides personalized plans for the professional racers. The app is useful for those who are looking to build their S3 factor i.e. Strength, Stamina, and Speed. It also provides motivational tools and musical audios which the users can hear while performing their exercises or while they run the distances.
  4. Nike Training Club: Nike seems to be getting into this business more than selling branded shoes. This app allows the user to get focused, get stronger, get lean, or even tone up the users. Nike Training Club offers more than 180 free workouts that range from yoga to hardcore professional exercises. This app also comes in a premium version that offers a four to six-week course to the users to get fit using the strategies that the app offers.
  5. 8fit: If you are planning to just perform yoga, or you just feel like counting the steps you have run today, the app is not for you. The 8fit app offers a lot more than that. With 8fit in your pocket, you can simply forget about hiring a personal trainer. It saves you all those worries by creating personalized exercise schedules, meal plans, etc. It takes your care very personally. It plans a diet plan for you and sees that it is being followed. In short, it is an app that makes you fit on all counts.
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