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Top Fantasy Sports Apps 2020

Way back in the 90s, the only sport that kids, and elders as well, were hooked on to was cricket. Television or radio, their absence or presence did not matter. Such was crazy. Our young generation has been an avid cricket fan since younger days, though what we played was hardly any form of proper … Continue reading “Top Fantasy Sports Apps 2020”

Best Mobile App Development Companies in India 2020

India is developing as the largest app market in the world, with more than 2 million software developers. Due to this mobile app development companies in India are seeing a boom. In the near future India may well become the leader in this industry. It’s a gigantic task to choose a few out of the … Continue reading “Best Mobile App Development Companies in India 2020”

Top App Developers in India 2020

Smartphones have become a requirement nowadays and not a luxury item. All our daily tasks have switched over to mobile devices from previous existing technologies. Android and iOS are the two major players in this field. The upper class prefers using iOS phones while others go for various varieties of the Android O/S. Today, if you … Continue reading “Top App Developers in India 2020”

Mobile Application Trends That You Need To Watch Out For In 2020

Nowadays, mobile phones are devices that have become a part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones. Along with these phones, mobile phone applications are also introduced that have seen a great deal of development in the past couple of years. There are various enterprise app development companies around the … Continue reading “Mobile Application Trends That You Need To Watch Out For In 2020”

The Latest Trends in Web App Development for 2020

The year is already drawing to a close, and although it is a little premature to review the trends that were followed in 2019 and how they would affect the trends of 2020, it is undoubtedly time to look forward and consider future developments in web development. One significant exercise gained from those long stretches … Continue reading “The Latest Trends in Web App Development for 2020”

How to create an app similar to UrbanClap

UrbanClap is an on-demand service marketplace that has gained popularity all over the world. The key to their success was that they made their services available at their customers’ doorstep. People can search for the services they want and the local vendors can provide all kinds of household services as per the customers’ convenience. Many … Continue reading “How to create an app similar to UrbanClap”

Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

From a time when we used to get information by processing data, we have reached a stage where the output is still information that is desired by the user but the input has grown very large in scale – from data to BIG DATA. Data is now fast becoming another sort of raw materials be … Continue reading “Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development”

Top 5 Best Fitness Apps in the World

You might be living in any part of this world, whatever country or state you live in, you are possibly prone to one or another kind of illness. Nobody is perfect, not when it comes to health issues. Somebody suffers from a common disease such as common cold, malaria, typhoid, and regular headaches while others … Continue reading “Top 5 Best Fitness Apps in the World”

What to Expect from AI Enabled Mobile Apps?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is doing the rounds these days in almost every sphere of life. We may or may not happen to notice it, it is there. Artificial Intelligence is as old as the story of Frankenstein. However, the concept did not gain importance and become familiar until the late 1990s when … Continue reading “What to Expect from AI Enabled Mobile Apps?”

What’s New in the Mobile Apps Industry?

Every day we try to find some time for us that we can spend in front of the television or the idiot box. It’s not as idiot as it has been pictured though. We take time out to entertain ourselves listening to music, watching shows and movies, or updating our knowledge through news programs. The … Continue reading “What’s New in the Mobile Apps Industry?”